Chinatown - Metro Gold Line

Following the July 25, 2003 opening of the Metro Gold Line that links Sierra Madre and Pasadena with the transportation hub at Union Station, City of Los Angeles officials are projecting an increase in development activity in and around Chinatown. In anticipation of these demands, the team modeled Chinatown and the new freestanding Metro station adjacent to Chinatown. The new station “includes traditional Chinese and international design motifs that reflect the diverse history of the neighborhood” (MTA, 2003). Three potential projects have already been placed in the context of the Chinatown model: development of the site known as the Cornfields, a housing complex west of the station at Broadway and College, and a proposed recreation area created by the damming of the Los Angeles River.

The team has also modeled the Alameda/1st Street station that is part of the planned extension of the Gold Line into East Los Angeles to be completed in 2009.

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