El Pueblo

El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument is the historic birthplace of the City of Los Angeles. The park is now run by the City of Los Angeles, and its museums and exhibits celebrate the people of different ethnic groups who settled here.

The Urban Simulation Team was commissioned to model the existing park and proposed rehabilitation efforts so that all of the development participants would have a common understanding of the project and a single point of reference for design discussions. The proposed changes included the rehabilitation of key buildings, new landscaping, new urban features, and new hardscape.

Of chief concern was the frontage along Arcadia Street where the architects were proposing a large block wall and landscaping. The City felt that the proposed wall would cut off the area from the central business district. Landscaping in this area was also a major issue.

Real-time tours of the project were shown at meetings at the City and the architects were immediately given feedback on the design and the relative merits of the rehabilitation proposals. Subsequent changes to the design were based on the information provided by the model.

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Collaborative Project List

El Pueblo Parking Structure Proposal
La Placita Renovation