Exposition Blvd./Farmdale Ave. - Crenshaw - Metro Expo Line

Project Date: 2007

Beginning in June of 2007, the Urban Simulation Team's services were retained by the Expo Rail Authority, the agency in charge of the planning and construction of the light rail Expo Line which will ultimately link downtown and west Los Angeles, mainly via the Exposition Boulevard existing right of way. The team was asked to prepare both an existing and proposed condition model of Exposition Blvd. and it's surroundings from three blocks west of Farmdale Avenue to four blocks east of Farmdale. The model was used to plan and evaluate alternatives of the light rail's crossing and associated traffic signals at Farmdale Avenue in an effort to provide a safe environment for train, vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Of particular interest to the Authority was the safety of the school children arriving to and departing from Dorsey High School located at the southwest corner of the intersection. To date, the Urban Simulation Team has modeled alternatives of the crossing that include the train crossing at grade, above grade and below grade.

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