Wilshire - Miracle Mile - Metro Rapid Bus

The Miracle Mile section of Wilshire Boulevard was added to the Virtual L.A. model in 1999 as part of a Bus/Rapid Transit Transportation Study for Martha Welborne's Surface Transit Project.

After modeling the existing street context using accurate street coordinates supplied by the City of Los Angeles, the Team constructed alternative road configurations to analyze the impact of a dedicated rapid transit bus right-of-way. Traffic patterns in the different road configurations reflected projected density. The majority of vehicles were constructed specifically for the project while landscape elements and street culture were pulled from the Urban Simulation Team's proprietary libraries. A special bi-articulated high-capacity bus was created for the project based on those in Curitiba, Brazil.

The Team modeled the existing situation and three different alignment alternatives. Footage from a real-time fly through of the model was then captured and edited into a video illustrating the project. The video was presented to the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Board and the favored design was immediately selected. (At that same meeting, a different project group presented four other proposed alignment changes; the Board postponed those decisions, saying that they did not have sufficient information.) The MTA is currently preparing an environmental impact report on the new Wilshire Boulevard alignment.

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