Forum of Trajan

A real-time visual simulation model of the Forum of Trajan, the largest of the Imperial Fora in the Forum Romanum, was commissioned in 1996-1997 by the J. Paul Getty Trust for 'Beyond Beauty: Antiquities as Evidence,' one of the major opening exhibitions at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

'Beyond Beauty' explored the historical, cultural, and technological information contained within ancient works of art as well as examining new ideas in archaeology, conservation, scholarship, education, and digital technology. Within this framework, the model was used to contextualize works of art from the site.

The Urban Simulation Team model was based on the work of James E. Packer, Professor of Classics at Northwestern University and author of the publication Forum of Trajan in Rome. Packer, along with other subject experts, provided a rich resource of documentary archaeological material for creating a detailed virtual reality recreation. The exhibit was also accompanied by an online tour of Trajan's Forum through ArtsEdNet, formerly a program of the Getty Education Institute for the Arts

Downloadable resources available on this site include a 45 MB QuickTime object file that focuses on the center portion of Trajan's Column and allows limited manipulation and a 266 MB QuickTime object file that allows the user to interactively manipulate the column with mouse commands or keyboard arrow keys to see all of the bas relief scenes.

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