With funding from the Chancellor's Office and UCLA Capital Programs, the Urban Simulation Team is developing a virtual reality model of the UCLA campus. The model is currently being used to plan and evaluate new construction being planned on campus. Beyond providing the ability to analyze changes to the campus, the model can be used in a variety of ways within the University system. As a 3-dimensional index, it can be used to organize information about the University, physically locate departments and faculty, provide links to student, faculty, and department web pages, or as a fund-raising tool.

The UCLA real-time, virtual reality model is being constructed by the members of the Urban Simulation Team @ UCLA.

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Collaborative Project List

UCLA Replacement Hospital
Morgan Center
Gonda Center
Environmental Services Building
Strathmore Building
Physics/Astronomy Building
Janss Plaza/Soccer Field
Wooden West
Wooden North
Broad Art Center
Southwest Housing Complex
Sunset 7 Parking Facility
Acosta Athletic Training Complex
Seismic Replacement Building I
California NanoSystems Institute
LaKretz Hall
Seismic Replacement Building II/Luck
Northwest Housing Complex
Dykstra Parking Facility
Men's Gymnasium Renovation
Engineering I Renovation
Pauley Pavilion Renovation Proposal
TFT Renovation Proposal

OR1 Neurosurgical Suite
Life Sciences Replacement Building
Spieker Aquatics Center

UCLA Police Station
Northwest Campus Housing Infill

Weyburn Terrace Graduate Student Housing
Edie and Lew Wasserman Building
South Campus Student Center
Institute of Urologic Oncology